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It's time to heal your beautiful life and heal your beautiful world! 

I am so excited that you are planning to join me me for this special LIVE event to anchor ourselves into the resonant frequency of healing, compassion and love with powerful ceremonies and wisdom teachings from Awakened Heart Shamanism.


Why is this important for you? For the world? I know from personal experience that when you go deep into your own blocks and wounds, you will inevitably enter into the ancestral streams where old, hard patterns of fear, grief, anger, hatred, shame, and blame have existed through generations.  In this way, when we seek to heal these imprints within ourselves with earth-grounded ceremony, we also transmute  these intergenerational wounds. 

There is no time like now to do this all-important work!  You will leave our day together feeling lighter and more hopeful.  More free and open-hearted!


Scroll down to get all the information you need about our day together, including the Zoom link and some free gifts!  

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Here is everything you need to know about our day together

And I have added two gifts for you and invite you to sign up for my on demand course. Walk Daily in Love-Light. 

Awakened Heart ceremony and teachings are sweet, powerful and rich.  I want you to be comfortable and prepared when we start out day together. That is why I am providing you with 2 gifts so that, if you have time and desire, you can get a taste of what we will be doing.


First, how to to connect: 

Here is the Zoom link for the class. 

Plan on signing on five minutes before we start at 11 am EDT so you will be right there and not miss a moment of beauty! We will end at 4 pm.  

Click the button below to download the little class e-book with a teaching, some information about what to expect, and a list of what you can bring to the class with you (if you don't have these items--no worry!).  
Music is a big part of Awakened Heart Shamanism. If you want to prepare yourself by opening your heart in gratitude before the day, click here to get my free, uncut version of my Daily Gratitude Song! 
If you are really excited and want to go deeper into learning more before our day together, in my on demand mini-course, Walk Daily in Love-Light, for $97, I provide two wisdom teachings and teach you how to do the prayers to Open Sacred Space and the Mother-Father-Love-Light Meditation.  
Click here to find out more and sign up.  
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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Your beautiful life and beautiful planet await you.

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