Gradient Ocean

Walk Daily in Love Light

4 Shamanic Practices: 

Sacred Song, Meditation & Prayer

To Maintain a Vibration of Peace


Are you feeling out of sorts and ungrounded?


Does your energy body feel heavy and your mind and heart burdened?


In these challenging times in the world around you, are you having trouble staying optimistic and positive?


Are you looking for an enlightening, cleansing and nourishing spiritual practice to keep your energy high, your heart open and your mind clear?

If your answer is YES, learn four sacred practices of song, prayer and meditation which will help you live each day with joy, trust, optimism and peace!


Peace & Joy:

In this 60-minute mini-course, you will learn the four foundational practices of Awakened Heart Shamanism to connect with the Love-Light of Mother Earth and Father Sky:

  • A Sacred Sone of Gratitude for Life to ground yourself in Mother Earth.

  • Prayers to call in each of the 5 Directions of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth.

  • A Song of Love to connect you to the Heart of Condition.

  • The Mother-Father-Love-Light Meditation to cleanse and clean heavy energies and to nourish and nurture your highest vibration for life.

Each of these practices can be done separately or together at any time of day or night. They will be yours to mix and match. 



(just a small amount to gain peace and joy in yourself so you can share it with others)

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More Sacred Teachings

The small price for this course also includes three teachings:

  • Your Body is your Temple

  • Gratitude is the Honey of Abundance

  • Opening Sacred Space: Call Forth All of Your Animal Allies, Guides, Teachers and Guardians