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Are you in a time of personal uncertainty? Are you feeling more intensely what is no longer working in your life? 


Do you want greater abundance, love, creativity, passion, purpose, and spirituality? 


Do you feel the calling in your heart to align your spirituality with your work and service to others? 


Is it time

to transform the blocks and unwind the self-doubt and confusion holding you back? 


Don't let your uncertainty in these unprecedented times stop you in your tracks. Times of transition and change, whether subtle or big, offer a powerful opportunity to harness deep and lasting transformation and positive manifestation.


Rachel to learn how to harness the powerful potential in transition, change and even chaos to heal your beautiful life and harness your highest purpose with the soul-awakening teachings of Awakened Heart Shamanism.



Sign up at a time convenient for you for a Discovery Call with Institute Founder, Rachel Mann PhD to get support, learn about how Awakened Heart Shamanism can heal your beautiful life and start to dream into being the life you wish to live.  Rachel is present on every call with all her heart and mind engaged so that you will feel a shift in perspective, energy and vision. 



Guided By:

Rachel E. Mann, PhD

The Institute's Founder


I like the way Rachel brings together the Christian mysticism, shamanism of the North and South, the Buddhism. Weaving it all together, I like that because I am a mix of different cultures. The classes are healing, deeply transformational...When Rachel opens a sacred space, it is very emotional...We are a part of the earth...

-Helen Poirson