Meet The Founder & Teacher


Rachel Mann, PhD , owner and founder of the Institute for Awakened Heart Shamanism, has pursued the integration of her spirituality into her life's passions as a shamanic healer, mentor, and teacher since 2007. Since leaving her academic career at the University of Virginia, she has mentored over 2000 students and clients through classes, 1-1 mentoring and shamanic energy healing sessions. Rachel shares her compassionate and inspirational, yet practical, worldview by providing intimate support to every student.

Rachel draws her inspiration for the pathway of Awakened Heart Shamanism from a number of sources that have been part of her healing and spiritual journey:


  • The Mother-Earth-grounded teachings and practices from Native American spirituality.  

  • The sweet and powerful mesa tradition of the indigenous Nations of the Andes.

  • Energy healing and ceremony from American shamanic teachers, including Alberto Villoldo and others.

  • The teachings of compassion, mindfulness and loving kindness of Vipassana Buddhism.

  • The pure teachings of love and peace of Jesus from her Christian ancestry.    


Her roots in Buddhism go back to childhood due to the influence of her spiritually-maverick mother.


Her beloved mesa carries the wisdom of these lineages. 


Rachel is a faculty member of Atlantic University of the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment which offers a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Mindful Leadership.


Living and working from her rural home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Charlottesville, Viriginia, she has had a lifelong passion for healing the world of violence and fostering peace. Her inspirations are M. K. Gandhi, M. L. King, Jr. and the Dalai Lama.