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Reality Is Greater Than You Imagine

Awakened Heart Shamanism recognizes that there are dimensions of self and the world that are far greater than our physical senses can perceive.  It also rests on the understanding that when we are able to tap into deeper ways of knowing, feeling, sensing, hearing and seeing, that we can tap into powerful sources of nourishment and support. 


You Need:

Teachings, Tools and Practices

The programs offered by the Institute of Awakened Heart Shamanism explore and expand your subtle, energetic interconnection to seen and unseen dimensions of self and reality.  You are more than you think you are. Mother Earth is alive, awake and conscious.  Like you, everything--every animal, blade of grass, planet, star and on and on--has its higher self in the energetic web of the cosmos.  You share this multiverse with myriad beings--so many to be uncountable. Many of them are eager to support and help you and humanity to come into greater balance, harmony and peace. 


This pathway puts in your hands rich tools and ceremonies from many ancient and contemporary lineages so you can enrich your subtle ways of knowing, seeing, sensing, hearing and feeling.  Through meditation, prayer, sacred song, dance, and drumming, ceremony and shamanic journeying, you develop a direct, personal connection to this great and abundant multiverse. Through connecting deeply to Mother Earth, sacred places and the animals, a doorway opens to higher knowledge and wisdom. 


Awakened Heart Shamanism gives you an earth-inspired and heart-grounded spiritual practice which supports you in walking with courage, authenticity and power towards the manifestation of you highest purpose and destiny in life. 





Transformation & Creativity

These are just a few of the ceremonies and practices offered on the Pathways of Awakened Heart Shamanism:

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Healing songs and drumming

  • Mother-Father-Love-Light Meditation

  • Flower-Water ceremony

  • Blessing Bundle ceremony

  • Medicine Basket of Love

  • Earth-Wheel Circle Dances

  • Awakened Heart Mesa Divination 

You can learn right now how to release heavy energies with two easy and beautiful shamanic practices. One you can do while showering and one is adapted from a beautiful Flower-Water ceremony from the Q'ero Nation of Peru.


Mother Earth's Spirits Speak: 

"Shamanism as it has evolved in these times is not only for those who are called to become the healers of individuals, but also who are called to use their personal healing and transformation in many creative ways to call forth justice, light and healing of the planet from the diseases of violence, fear and greed. 

Awakened Heart Shamanism calls all of humanity back into right relationship with one another and with Mother Earth and All Our Relations. 

Many are are stepping forward in these times to fulfill their calling to be of greater service. They are the Bodhissatvas, in the Buddhist sense, who have made the vow to return over and over again to this world until all beings collectively and personally are free.

Step in! Your light is needed!
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Explore the Institute's Programs:

The Six Pathways of the Awakened Heart Shamanism Mesa Tradition: An Initiation into Personal and Planetary Illumination. 


Harness your Highest Purpose: Align your Spirituality with your Work and Service to Others with Awakened Heart Shamanism