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Initiation into the Awakened Heart
Mesa Tradition

Masterclass 1
Self-Healing and Direct Self-Revelation Starts July 3, 2021 via Zoom

The Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition is an earth-inspired, heart-grounded, soul-awakening, and spirit-shaking spirituality from the Peruvian Andes consisting of 3 Masterclasses anchored in the wisdom and light of the beautiful mesa—a sacred medicine bundle of healing ally stones, crystals and power objects. Your beautiful life will be transformed, even as you make an offering of your own healing to the healing to the world.

Pathway 1 Introduction to the Awakened Heart Mesa

Learn the cosmic map and foundational practices of the Awakened Heart Mesa anchored in a Medicine Wheel of compassion, peace, communion with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and sacred reciprocity with All Beings of Light in All Worlds.   

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Pathway 3 The West Pathway of the Healer

Navigate the Lower World where you will befriend your shadow - your sacred double. Journeying with powerful Condor, meet and transmute personal and ancestral wounds and bring back gifts of peace. Purify heavy energies in your Light Body and chakras through the energy medicine of shaking, feather fanning, the rattle, and sacred spiral. An initiation into sacred relationship with water through the Sacred Flower-Water Ceremony cleanses mind, heart and body, so that you step into a fresh, new life free from the past.

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Pathway 5 The East Pathway of the Visionary

Fly to the Heavenly Realms to embrace the Great Mystery where you will know yourself as one with all of life. Journey with Puma to meet your Divine Parents, who will show you your highest possible destiny. Stand as a co-creator with Spirit dreaming a new life and world into being.  

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Pathway 2 The South Pathway of the Builder

Open your heart with powerful songs of gratitude and healing and cultivate Sacred Presence through practices of mindfulness, kindness, and stillness. Journey with gentle Deer and Serpent Spirits. Anchor into the art of sacred storytelling, the Earth Mandala, and Red-Bean, White-Bean Ceremonies, energize a beautiful life of abundance, harmony, and balance. 

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Pathway 4 The North Pathway of the Teacher

Journey to the Upper World to partner with the soul force of your Higher Self to find and claim your purpose. Meet with your Guides and Teachers fat the top of the Sacred Mountain for their guidance and wisdom about the meaning and purpose of your life and what steps you need to take to move powerfully towards the fulfillment of your soul’s mission.  Journeying with Hummingbird to retrieve archetypal soul parts. 

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Pathway 6 Integration and Manifestation of your Service to the World

Integrate the teachings, practices, and principles of the Awakened Heart Mesa and step into visionary healership and sacred shamanic activism to heal your beautiful life and heal our beautiful world. 

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