SEM 4: Harnessing New Contracts and Destinies

In the fourth class of four 4-day intensives of the Shamanic Energy Medicine Program of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth School of Mother Earth Mysticism, you learn the following. Click on these links to see the next 3 classes in the program: 

Shamanic Energy Medicine 4: Harnessing New Contracts and Destinies

  1. Intake and diagnosis of Pathways of Destiny

  2. Neurophysiology of Spirit

  3. Reading the Archetypes Intake for Harnessing Your Highest Possible Dreams

  4. Mother Mesa Matrix Intake for Tracing the Lines of Destiny

  5. Mapping the Domains of Spirit of the Deep Self

  6. Sacred Songs for Journeying into the Domains of the Luminous Self

  7. Tracking and Cord Cutting to People and Old Destinies

  8. New Contract Retrieval

  9. New Destiny Tracking and Retrieval

  10. Sealing the Work

  11. Mother Earth Attunement

  12. Sacred Storytelling

  13. Mesa Matrix Work Debriefing and Changing the Lines of Destiny

  14. Client debriefing and homework: Prayer and Destiny Collage

  15. Self-healing: Catalyzing our highest potential

  16. Practitioner Ethics: Holding the Light and Healing the Healer

Click on these links to see the next classes in the program: 

Shamanic Energy Medicine 1: Cleansing and Clearing the Light Body

Shamanic Energy Medicine 2: Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Shamanic Energy Medicine 3: Reseeding the Gifts and Grace of the Soul

Location: Tea & Sympathy House, Charlottesville, VA

Date: Thursday-Sunday, February 15-18, 2018


Individual class: $595

Discounts available for payment in full up front, for paying for individual classes 2 weeks in advance. Payment plan options also available. Please selectSEMC 1 $595.00 USDSEMC 1 Early Bird payment $536.00 USDSEMC 2 $595.00 USDSEMC 2 Early Bird payment $536.00 USDSEMC 3 $595.00 USDSEMC 3 Early Bird payment $536.00 USDSEMC 4 $595.00 USDSEMC 4 Early Bird payment $536.00 USDAll 4 SEMC classes bulk payment $2,023.00 USDAll SEMC Classes + 4 Lodges $3,760.00 USD

For more information contact Rachel at or call 434-227-0538.

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