Online Course Transform your Healing Crisis into Gold

Are you in a difficult time in your life? Are you struggling with health issues? Going through a break up or divorce?  Are you feeling blocked in any area of your life: work, creativity, relationships, or spirituality? Or are you simply feeling as if things in your life are no longer working, but you are not sure what the next step is?

Rachel knows from personal experience in going through any number of healing crises or tearing down the proverbial brick walls, that sometimes it helps to have extra support as you navigate through these things–a map and guide through what can seem so overwhelming and stubborn! She also knows from her own life that there is a rebirth into greater strength, meaning, passion, and purpose just over the horizon!

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So, Rachel decided to do this: She put what she knows about transforming my brick walls and healing crises into gold into an easily accessible format–a 6-module audio and video course! It draws on the best of my program, the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth​. These powerful and profound wisdom teachings and practices come from my lifelong study of Native American spirituality, shamanism and shamanic energy medicine, Buddhism, depth psychology, and my interdisciplinary, academic research, teaching and training on healing trauma and finding peace.  

During and by the end of this course, you will experience the following breakthroughs and outcomes:

  1. The wound underlying your crisis or block will be revealed and shifted.

  2. You will feel heard, seen and supported.

  3. You will unwind patterns of self-judgment into a heart-centered focus. 

  4. You will feel more courageous, stronger, and abundant.

  5. You will step out of confusion into greater clarity about the next steps to manifesting the life you want.​

  6. You will know and feel your authentic power.

  7. You will have accessed the soul force of your true calling and highest destiny.

In 12 hours of audio and video, you will also learn: ​

  1. How shamanic perspectives, tools and practices can play a large role in your life to turn change into opportunity and dreams into reality.

  2. How to identify and work with the energy of a healing, block or spiritual crisis, not against it.

  3. How use self-healing techniques, meditation, shamanic journeying and soulwork to become open and available to the new energies and potentialities laying dormant within you.

  4. How to put into action in your daily life the spiritual principles and practices you have learned throughout the course. 

  1. How to use Mother Earth medicine to move through any initiatory process into greater passion and purpose in your life

  2. How to put into action the continuation of dreaming your new world into being as you live your daily life.

You will also have the following benefits:

  1. 12 hours of video and audio lectures, meditations, mantras, and journeying.

  2. A 75-page booklet containing writings, step-by-step guides to meditations, mantras, and ceremonies.

  3. Support from Rachel via email and the course.

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You will also get individualized support from Rachel by email and Facebook.​  You may choose to participate in the 3 live videoconferences led by me in which you will get support from a community of like-minded practitioners who are on a similar journey.  Or you can do the course at your own pace without the live interaction.  It’s your choice! 

Let’s get started!  There’s no time like now to change your life!

There are no prerequisites to take this course. If you are a more experienced shamanic practitioner and/or have taken one or more of the 4 Lodges of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth, this course will give you access to online teachings and support for learning how to use the practices and principles in your daily life.

The content in this course is worth $750, but Rachel is offering it to you for $295 so you can dance into your natural abundance, authentic power, soul force and spiritual sovereignty in the New Year!

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