Journey to the Deep Self (Lower World)

There are many ways to describe and navigate the psyche and its many layers, spaces or dimensions.  In contemporary shamanism, we generally speak about the Lower World, Middle World and Upper World.

The Lower World is what we would call in western psychotherapy the Subconscious or Deep Self.  It is also referred to as the space of shadow–those dimensions and parts of Self which are denied, unseen, suppressed, unknown, and yet to be discovered.

The Middle World is the everyday, conscious dimension in which we operate in linear time.

The Upper World might be called the heavenly realms or the domain of the Higher Self  in some spiritual and religious systems or in psychology, the Superconscious.

I have provided 2 recordings and a document here to assist in understanding and exploring the Lower World, or Deep Self.

Click on the following links to hear a teaching and be led on a journey to map of the Deep Self, Subconscious or Lower World.

The Lower World: A Talk

 Mapping the Lower World: A Guided Journey

The Lower World: Written Map (Word document)

Journey to the Lower World

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