How I Hit a Deer with my Car: His Message to me to Start Posting LIVE Videos on Facebook (yep you he

Last night, I was driving home from a nice visit with friends an hour away.  I turned onto a dark 2-lane country road. It was about 8:30.  Suddenly, a medium-sized deer appeared running right in front of my car.  There was no time to react as I hit him full on the side. He flipped twice and disappeared underneath the front bumper. I felt my car drive over him. Still with some speed on me, finally, I came to a stop. Not because my car was broken, but because I decided with great trepidtation to turn around and see if the deer was dead. I felt I owed it to him.

I found his body on the side of the road, completely broken and obviously gone.  I was relieved to realize that he probably died on impact, although I was sad. It is hard to take an innocent life, even by accident. I drove home, a bit shaken and shocky.

When I woke up in the morning, still feeling in my body the buzz of the impact, I felt called to sit down at my shrine to reground, clear my energy body and connect with the spirit of the deer. I knew I needed to explore what the message was for me in the sacrifice of his life.

I was surprised to hear him tell me that I am letting fear sabotage me and that it is time to start posting LIVE videos on Facebook to show others how I live my life walking my spiritual way of shamanism.  Please listen and hear how I journeyed deeply into this experience to overcome self-consciousness, self-doubt and resistance to being seen out there.

Click on this recording of the LIVE Facebook video where I talk about the beauty of Deer Spirit’s message to stop sabotaging myself and getting out there!

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