Spiritual Pathways




Our mission is to bring to all who come a deeply enriching, inspiring and illuminating spiritual pathway for personal and planetary transformation and awakening. Through fostering and deepening our natural, human connection to Mother Earth, All Our Relations and the Beings of Light in other dimensions, we activate natural pathways of healing, harmony and balance.

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Medicine of Shamanism

Hearing the Call 

We act on the knowledge that the medicine of shamanism is no longer just about teaching the healers who work on healing one person at a time, but to support those who are hearing the call of their soul to heal the world through amplifying the vibrational resonance of peace and light within themselves.

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Agents of Creative Change

New Earth of Peace & Compassion

Those who come to sit with us at the Great Table of Compassion of the Awakened Heart will carry forward this call of their soul, this spirit, to their loved ones, communities, nation and the world through everything from simple acts of kindness to others and beyond -- to being of service around the world as healers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, teachers, writers and a myriad of other creative and transformational endeavours. It is each person's choice to find their unique medicine of service as each become agents of positive, creative change. Every step we take towards our personal illumination and aligning our spirituality with our service to others, we are amplifying a resonant vibration of a New Earth of peace, harmony and compassion for 7 generations in the future and beyond. 

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We call this Visionary Healership and Creativity


We hope you are inspired to join us. 

Come experience the deep wisdom of the Awakened Heart and unlock the possibility for a greater life and more peaceful world into probability.