The Wisdom of 

the Great Medicine Wheel of the Awakened Heart

The meaning of the Great Medicine Wheel of the Awakened Heart

is not about self-aggrandisement, nor power over.

There is no above or below, better or worse.

It invokes the truth that the Medicine Wheel,

as an ancient and universal system,

is great enough to bring together people of all

faiths, backgrounds, religions, races and cultures,

to sit at this great table of compassion. 

When they do, they will dream into being the New Earth to come seven generations hence of harmony, peace and love.


Learn the teachings of Awakened Heart Shamanism and the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth for balancing body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit.



Dance in the Earth Wheel at Galleywinter Farm and harmonize your whole being to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.


Gratitude for Life: A Song for Love

Written and Sung by Rachel Mann, PhD, Founder

"I am grateful for my body/I am grateful for my life/I am grateful for this new day/I am grateful for the sunrise."