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Heal Your Beautiful Life

6 Pathways to Harness

Your Highest Dreams


Do you feel a pressing need to reevaluate how and what you are doing? Have changes in your life magnified this need? Have you lost your joy?


Is there a still, small voice whispering that you could live more passionately and creatively and have the love you deserve? Do you want to know your purpose?


Have you had ideas about having work which aligns with your passion to help others as a healer, artist, writer, spiritual teacher or in any other way?


Why not unlock the potent possibilities of your highest, still unmet dreams into purpose and probability and dream your beautiful life into being?


As we enter the holiday season and winter under the shadow of COVID and so much intensity on the planet, take time to focus on you--your emotional healing, spiritual exploration and deepening.  Rachel Mann, PhD will guide you on a journey on the Great Medicine Wheel of the Awakened Heart, to help you anchor into your real dreams and longings for your life, to identify and tranform the old blocks, burdens and traumas holding you back from manifesting your highest destiny.  

Through prayer, meditation, sacred song and drumming, shamanic journeying and ceremony, you will:

  • feel confident, courageous and empowered

  • have a clear understanding of your vision for your future

  • vibrate with an energy of peace and ease

  • integrate your spirituality into your daily life and, if you wish, into your work in the world. 

The Great Medicine Wheel of Awakened Heart Shamanism gives you a powerful map of life, soul and spirit so you live with greater wisdom, tools for powerful transformation, and vibrancy of purpose. 

You will feel changed, refreshed, whole and well. Rachel will hold you in a container of sweetness and caring. 


Come be nourished and nurtured in the sacred fire of spirit.  Come find safe space and time for yourself.  Learn how love yourself and to dream into being a future of peace and compassion.   

Read more below, including testimonials from former students! 

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What You Get and Cost:


  • Lifetime access to a 7 module course with 24 hours of audio and video lectures, shamanic meditations, ceremonies, visualisations and guided journeying

  • Weekly 2.5 hour Zoom group classes with Rachel to which you bring your challenges and triumphs into the heart seat for input and guidance

  • Abundant support, caring and healing community in Heal your Beautiful Life Private, Members-only Facebook Group.

$997 if paid in full

$525 in 2 monthly payments.

Beth Ward

Rachel has given me the tools to keep the sacred in everyday life.  When I burn sage, light my candles, play my drum, chant, pray, I feel connected to Spirit, connected to Creator. I feel the divine flame in my heart. The Medicine Wheel is infinity. It eases a lot of suffering for me.  The Wheel never ends. It is a circle of life. It is comforting. The Wheel is the promise that we will never get bored.

Laura Joy Morris

I think one of the biggest things that inspired me was that Rachel’s work is so love-centered.  I needed a connection to a community of spiritually-minded people.  I was looking for a shamanic community.  The healing in Rachel’s classes is really profound because you are doing it in a group setting. She provides a safe place to be vulnerable, share your challenges and learn to receive. You feel loved by a group of people and it is incredibly healing.

Pamela Underhill

I was made to feel comfortable and loved and a part of the group that was so open and accepting. It was the people in the grouip, because we were connected in the ceremony. Because the shamanic ceremony was so honest and pure….each of us could find our own path, our own personality, our own soul force and do it together side by side. I was able to recognize my creative self. 

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