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Heal Your Beautiful Life

8 Pathways to Harness

Your Highest Dreams


Do you feel a pressing need to reevaluate how and what you are doing? Have changes in your life magnified this need? Have you lost your joy?


Is there a still, small voice whispering that you could live more passionately and creatively and have the love you deserve? Do you want to know your purpose?


Have you had ideas about having work which aligns with your passion to help others as a healer, artist, writer, spiritual teacher or in any other way?


Why not unlock the potent possibilities of your highest, still unmet dreams into purpose and probability?


Times of personal and global uncertainty offer a powerful opportunity to focus on emotional healing and spiritual deepening. Together, we can take a deep dive into your dreams and longings, so that you can allow them to breathe -- to discover the pathways to manifest them into joyful action.

Using the powerful map of the Great Medicine Wheel of the Awakened heart, you will heal the wounds and blocks holding you back, magntize your gifts, create beauty, deepen your spirituality, and unlock your purpose.  

In ​this course, you effect transformation at every level and dimension of your being--body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Through weekly Zoom videoconferences and an online course, you receive powerful shamanic teachings, ceremonies, healing, journeying, sacred songs, dances and meditations, we will work together in caring community to clear away obstacles standing in the way of manifesting your highest purpose, dreams and gifts.

When and What:

Eight 2-hour weekly Zoom meetings with Institute founder, Rachel Mann, PhD on Saturday afternoons, starting November 14, 2020 through January 16, 2021.  Plus you receive access to 8 modules of the online course materials packed with hours of audio teachings, activities for reflection and activation, meditations, and ceremonies. 


$979, paid in full, up front


2 monthly installments of $625

Guided By:

Rachel E. Mann, PhD

The Institute's Founder

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Course Content:


  • Lifetime access to 8 module course with 24 hours of audio and video lectures, shamanic meditations, ceremonies, visualisations and guided journeying

  • Weekly 2.5 hour Zoom group classes with Rachel to which you bring your challenges and triumphs into the heart seat for input and guidance

  • Two 1-hour mentoring session with Rachel to set your goals and intention for what you wish to transform and manifest at the end of eight weeks and to track your progress

  • 24-7 access to Rachel through

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