Embrace the Divine Feminine

Empower your Mission and Purpose in Life

Now is the time of the rising of the Divine Feminine as a force for change, peacebuilding, and lovemaking in the world. If you are seeking to harness your mission and purpose to be of service to others and the planet, join us in collectively dreaming forth a new vision – one of healing, peace, harmony, and balance. Become a Visionary force for peace during this transformational weekend at the Oracle Institute in Independence, Virginia, from Friday, 8/20-Sunday, 8/22/2021.

Learn about the time of Pachakuti when, according to the indigenous peoples of the Andes in Peru, a powerful portal opens on our planet to provide us with a great choice to walk a path of peace or a path of destruction. Rachel and the Oracles will guide you through a deep process of vision-making, self-contemplation, healing, and community building. We will employ ancient and contemporary earth-inspired ceremony, meditation, prayers of compassion, sacred dance, songs and drumming, labyrinth-walking, and energy medicine. 

Join Rachel Mann, PhD, Laura George, J.D., and the Oracle team for a weekend in which you will be deeply nourished in your body, mind, emotions, soul, and spirit. You will gain clarity on and activate your mission in life.

The Oracle Institute

The Oracle Institute is a 501(c)(3) educational charity dedicated to building a new world based on Interfaith Unity and a Culture of Peace. Our mission is to advance this global transformation by promoting pluralistic programs and progressive values. Oracle operates a multi-faith spirituality school, award-winning publishing house, and peacebuilding practice.  Oracle is a spiritual “think tank,” and our staff studies the nexus between religion, politics, civil rights, and human evolution.  Our formal mission statement is Thomas Jefferson’s Act for Religious Freedom (below).

Our Peace Pentagon and pentacle of Venus icon herald the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm and represent a call for unity among the five primary religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam). Truth, Love, and Light is our motto and the titles of the Oracle foundational trilogy.

Oracle is a spiritual “think tank,” and our staff studies the nexus between religion, politics, civil rights, and human evolution. We assert the Trickle-Down Deity Theory - that humanity’s view of the Godhead necessarily impacts behavior. We therefore educate the public about the divisive nature and outdated doctrine of patriarchal religions and the need for a more sophisticated and gender-balanced Godhead.

We believe humanity is capable of Conscious Evolution in the 21st Century. To encourage this positive path, Oracle teaches the Spectrum of Consciousness, a proven model for mapping and motivating socio-spiritual development.

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