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Transform and Heal Yourself and the Planet through 

Awakened Heart Shamanism

Unlock the potent possibilities for your creative, passionate, spiritual purpose at the enter of times of transition, uncertainty and even, crisis. Awakened Heart Shamanism provides a holistic approach that goes very deep.

There is so much in your mind and subconscious which needs to be unpacked and transformed. Or just changed. Changes in thinking. Changes in your deeper beliefs about yourself, work and money, relationship, reputation, spirituality, and the world.

All of this is why the ceremonies, teachings and practices of the Institute work with every level and dimension of your being--the body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Come join us to transform your life and the world in caring, supportive community.

We offer both online and in-person programs. Make your choice and step into a powerful journey of transformation and illumination!

Free Webinar:

On Demand

Now Is The Time to Heal Emotionally and Deepen Your Spirituality

In 45 Minutes Rachel Mann PhD will teach you how you can heal your beautiful life with the powerful tools of Awakened Heart Shamanism.

Free Mini Course:

On Demand

Healing Shamanic Water Ceremonies

In this sensitive course you will learn how to cleanse your chakras at home and to adapt a cleansing and blessing ceremony from the Q'ero people of Peru.

Free Mini Course:

On Demand

Walk Daily in Love-Light and Live in Beauty

Through audio teachings and guided meditation, you will release your fears and feel more certainty in living beautifully.

8 Week Online Course, 

 starting 17 October

Heal Your Beautiful Life: Pathways to Harnessing your Highest Dreams

Through Zoom video conferences, on-line activities and a one-on-one mentoring session, led by Rachel Mann PhD, you will effect transformation at every level and dimension of your being-body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit.

Four Month On-Line Course

Shamanic Self-Healing and Direct Self-Revelation

Starting January 21, under Rachel's tutelage, you will learn the foundational practices of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition, while self-healing and integrating every dimension of your past journeys in life, religion and spirituality.  You will explore more deeply shamanic methods of direct self-revelation.