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Awakened Heart Shamanism 

Awakened Heart Shamanism

Unlock the potent possibilities for your creative, passionate, spiritual purpose at the enter of times of transition, uncertainty and even, crisis. Awakened Heart Shamanism provides a holistic approach that goes very deep.

There is so much in your mind and subconscious which needs to be unpacked and transformed. Or just changed. Changes in thinking. Changes in your deeper beliefs about yourself, work and money, relationship, reputation, spirituality, and the world.

All of this is why the ceremonies, teachings and practices of the Institute work with every level and dimension of your being--the body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Come join us to transform your life and the world in caring, supportive community.

We offer both online and in-person programs. Make your choice and step into a powerful journey of transformation and illumination!



Unlock Possibility

into Probability during Times of Transiton

Shamanic Ceremonies for Releasing Heavy Energies with Flowers and Water

Walk Daily in Love-Light in Times of Uncertainty

Harness your Highest Purpose and Align your Spirituality with your Dreams


The 6 Pathways of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition

Join Us To: 

  • Connect with community

  • Shed Stories of lack, limitation, scarcity and fear

  • Unwind negative thinking and beliefs

  • Heal wounds

  • Step into your courageous, authentic power with peace and determination

  • Discover your heart's passion and highest probable destiny

  • Anchor into a deeper spiritual connection

  • Trust in yourself

  • Move forward in lightness, joy and optimism that you will reach your highest dreams

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