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The Six Pathways of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition:

A Unique Initiation into Personal & Planetary Healership and Ceremony


Do you love Mother Earth? Do you have a special connection to animals? Do you want to open pathways for more spiritual connection and integration?


Have you recently discovered shamanism? Or, have you studied and practiced shamanism for a while? Are you feeling a connection to Native American spirituality?


Do you feel the call of the spirits to catalyze your healing gifts in service of others? Do you want to take your healing to a deeper level? 


Do you want to take your personal healing to a deeper level? Are you feeling the call to align your spirituality in service of others and Mother Earth?

If your answer is YES:

Welcome to this Great Table of Beauty and Compassion.

Join us in Masterclass 1:

Initiation into the Awakened Heart Mesa

Starts Saturday, November 13, 2021

The 3 Masterclasses of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition

Step into an earth-inspired, heart-grounded, soul-awakening, and spirit-shaking spirituality consisting of 3 Masterclasses anchored in the wisdom and light of the beautiful mesa—a sacred medicine bundle of healing ally stones, crystals and sacred objects.  Through shamanic prayer, meditation, sacred song, dance, drumming, earth arts, altar building, journeying, ceremony, bundle building, divination, and energy healing, you are initiated into a deep, heart-based, compassionate, and intimate relationship with yourself, Mother Earth, the many beings in unseen dimensions, your ancestors, teachers and guides, and the Spirit within, through and around All That Is. Your beautiful life will be transformed, even as you make an offering of your own healing to the healing to the world.

There are 3 levels of study about the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition:

Masterclass 1: Initiation into the Compassionate Cosmology of the Awakened Heart Mesa

Dance on powerful map of the Great Medicine Wheel of the Awakened Heart to heal the wounds and blocks holding you back from knowing and manifesting your mission in life and highest destiny.  Through the portal of deep inner reflection, shamanic journeying, and ceremony, you harness Mother Earth’s natural pathways of transformation, draw upon the light and love of Great Beings of Light, build the fires of your personal medicine to join a sacred lineage of Earthdancers, Peacemakers, Wisdomkeepers, and Spiritshakers.  In the process, you build a mesa, or medicine bundle of 14 healing ally stones and sacred objects that will help you build and maintain your soul force.


Masterclass 2: The Pathway of the Awakened Heart Healer

So many in our times are wanting to break down inner barriers to joy, happiness, health, abundance, and wellbeing. They want to heal their wounds, know their purpose, find their gifts, manifest abundance, and create the life of their dreams.  This program is to train you in the tools and skills of the shamanic energy healer, including 

cleansing and clearing the Light Body and chakras, wound extraction, entity extractions and cord cutting, sacred songs of light and healing, the link between trauma, PTSD and energy medicine​​, how to start and maintain a thriving energy healing business.

Masterclass 3: The Pathway of the Awakened Heart Leader

You will be supported in integrating all the spiritual wisdom, practices and ceremonies you carry in your Awakened Heart Mesa as a ceremonialist and spiritual teacher. You will learn how to open Sacred Space and create and hold a container of light for powerful transformation for participants, how to use Sacred Speech and prayer to call in Spirits and to energetically transform individuals and a group, how to use Earth Arts in ceremony, how to use song, rattling and drumming to build sacred energy and transformation, how to hold Sacred Presence and Love for others, how to start and build a business in the 21st century as a spiritual teacher and leader.


The Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition
Program Structure

Throughout each of the three levels of this dynamic program, you will receive:

  • Six 1-day retreats via LIVE Zoom videoconferences with Institute Founder, Rachel Mann PhD

  • One 2-hour group mentoring Zoom videoconferences between each retreat

  • Three 30-minute 1-1 Mentoring Sessions via Zoom with Rachel Mann, PhD

  • Online program materials with hours of audio teachings, guided meditations, shamanic journeying, ceremonies, activities for reflection, and transcripts

Join Rachel for Masterclass 1: Initiation into the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition, starting Saturday, November 13, 2021 and continuing through April 9, 2022.