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The Six Pathways of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition:

A Unique Initiation into Personal & Planetary Healership and Ceremony


Do you love Mother Earth? Do you have a special connection to animals? Do you want to open pathways for more connections?


Have you recently discovered shamanism? Or, have you studied and practiced shamanism for a while?


Do you want to deepen your spirituality, anchored in an earth-inspired, soul-awakening, heart-grounded mystical tradition?


Do you want to take your personal healing to a deeper level? Are you feeling the call to align your spirituality in service of others and Mother Earth?

If your answer is YES:

Welcome to this Great Table of Beauty and Compassion.

Partake in the Transformational Six Modules of Level 1: 

Shamanic Self-Healing and Direct Revelation

Influences on the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition

As you steep yourself into the inspiring spiritual wisdom, earth-ceremony and shamanic initiations of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition, a pathway of spiritual illumination, you will be initiated ancient and contemporary lineages:

  • Native North American teachings of peacemaking, harmony and balance

  • The Peruvian Andean indigenous peoples' mesa tradition, ceremonies and cosmovision

  • The energy healing processes of transformation and expansion of consciousness from western shamanism

  • The practices of awareness, mindfulness and loving kindness of Vipassana Buddhism

  • The understandings of mind and emotions of western psychology and science

  • Rachel's own revelatory visions of practices, ceremonies and teachings received from her Guides and Teachers in other dimensions.

In the process of moving through the inner and outer work of the program you will experience profound spiritual deepening and integration, transformation and illumination. You will learn how to move into and out of inner worlds and unseen dimensions as you foster a mystical visionary way of life. You will learn to bring your dreams and visions into outer manifestation in the Middle, Daytime World in service of your own spiritual awakening and the healing of others. Your Mesa will be a mirror of All of Who You Are and a powerful force for transformation and direct, spiritual revelation.

There are 3 levels of study about the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition and you have the opportunity to study all 3 levels over time through a series of on-demand and on-line programs, starting with Level 1:


 Unlocking Shamanic

Self-Healing and Direct Revelation

Starting: 21 January


The Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition

Program Structure

There are three levels of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition:

  • Level 1 - Unlocking Shamanic Self-Healing and Direct Revelation

  • Level 2 - The Rites of the Healer

  • Level 3 - Visionary Spiritual Leadership


Throughout each of the three levels of this dynamic program, you will receive:

  • Six 3-day LIVE Zoom weekends with Institute Founder, Rachel Mann PhD

  • A 6 module on-line and on-demand course with 40 hours of audio teachings and transcripts.

  • 6 1-1 Mentoring Sessions via Zoom with Rachel

  • A 70-page booklet with information about 

    ceremonies, meditations and other practices.

In the on-demand course, you will explore 8 modules:

  • Introduction to the Foundational Teachings of the Awakened Heart Mesa.

  • 6 modules mapped to the 6 Pathways of Self-Healing and Direct Self-Revelation

  • Integration and Manifestation of your Purpose and Service to the World

Each level involves 6 Elements of Practice that are themselves oriented to the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth:

  • Wisdom Teachings (Father Sky)

  • Prayer and Meditation ( East Pathway)

  • Meditation, Sacred Song, Sound and Movement (South Pathway)

  • Self-Reflection and Energy Healing (West Pathway)

  • Journeying (North Pathway)

  • Earth Art and Ceremony (Mother Earth)

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