The Six Pathways of the

Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition:

An Initiation into Personal and Planetary Healership and Ceremony

If your answer is YES, Mother Earth and All of Her Relations Are Calling You!


Do you love Mother Earth? 

Do you have a special connection to animals?

Do you want to open pathways to more connections?


Have you recently discovered shamanism? Or, have you studied and practiced shamanism for a while?


Do you want to deepen your spirituality, anchored in an earth-inspired, soul-awakening, heart-grounded mystical tradition?


Do you want to take your personal healing to a deeper level? Are you feeling the call to align your spirituality in service of others and Mother Earth?

Six three day workshops over 10 months plus:


Access to an online course packed with hours of audio and video teachings, guided meditation and journeying and other goodies, such as mentoring Sessions with Rachel and Institute faculty. 


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