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The Institute for Awakened Heart Shamanism empowers women and men who want to step passionately into an earth-inspired, heart-grounded, soul-activating, peace-making and abundance-manifesting spiritual practices. 

Support for Your Journey

Are you dealing with one or more of these challenges?

  • Are you in transition after a major life change, illness, trauma or challenge?

  • Are you in pain from pushing aside your longing to integrate your spirituality more fully in your life and work?

  • Are you confused about how to find and manifest your life and true purpose?

Do you want…..

  • To be released from old wounds, patterns or blocks into a life of abundance, inner peace and joy?

  • To embrace and create an earth-inspired spirituality that is authentic to you and is integrated fully into your daily life and your work in the world?

  • To know and strengthen your sense of purpose, self-empowerment and passion in every area of your life?

  • To understand and step into your calling to be a shamanic healer?

The beautiful pathway of Awakened Heart Shamanism supports you with dynamic and creative earth-inspired practices and teachings to transform your body, mind, soul and spirit.


Our Inspiration

Awakened Heart Shamanism is an illuminated path of spiritual deepening and awakening inspired by the best of these ancient and contemporary wisdom lineages:

·         Native American spirituality

·         Western shamanism

·         Vipassana Buddhism

·         Depth psychology

Be part of and learn these powerful and beautiful practices:

  • Sacred mantras, songs, drumming, dance and music.

  • Prayers for calling in Beings of Light, animal allies and the Spirit within, through and around All That Is.

  • Gratitude practices in word, song and ceremony.

  • Ceremonies of cleansing, healing, transformation, and initiation in collaboration with stones, water, flowers, fire, and sacred foods and herbs

  • Initiation into a transformational mesa tradition.

  • Practices of meditation, shamanic journeying, contemplation, self-reflection and activation.

The doorway is definitely the mesa. It is a companion and is part of me. The Medicine Wheel is infinity. It eases a lot of suffering for me. The Wheel never ends. It is the circle of life. It is comforting. Rachel has given me the tools to keep the sacred in everyday life. When I burn sage...play my drum, chant, pray, I feel connected to Spirit, connected to Creator.

Beth Ward

One of the biggest things that inspired me was that Rachel's work is so love-centered...it's really Rachel's message and her unique amalgam of different practices and knowledge areas and life experiences. It's how she shares that special mixture of wisdom and knowledge that makes her programs unique and special...

Laura Joy

Words that describe Rachel's classes: Transformational. Healing. Magical. Powerful. Empowering. Community. Fun. The classes take people to another level in their life and prepare them for the next stage. I'm not stuck anymore, there's a brand new world and I get to have fun the next 45 years. It is transformational. 

Helene Poirson