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Mother Earth Loves you
Awaken the Connection
Step into earth-inspired, heart-grounded, soul-awakening, spirit-shaking, transformational shamanic spirituality and energy medicine.

Embrace the Divine Feminine: Empower your Mission and Purpose in Life

Join Rachel Mann PhD and Laura George JD at this powerful women's retreat on August 20-22.  

Now is the time of the rising of the Divine Feminine as a force for change, peacebuilding, and lovemaking in the world. If you are seeking to harness your mission and purpose to be of service to others and the planet, join us in collectively dreaming forth a new vision – one of healing, peace, harmony, and balance. Become a Visionary force for peace during this transformational weekend.

You Are Home: Awakened Heart Shamanism

Do you know that Mother Earth has a powerful desire to help you and humanity heal?

Do you want to take your spirituality to the next level, so that you can all it, dance it and live it in your daily life in practical and visionary ways?

Do you want support to dream forth and live your heart's calling to manifest your spirituality in healing and creative efforts to help yourself, others and the planet?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is YES, then the Institute for Awakened Heart Shamanism in your home.


As you walk on your journey through life, you may come to a time when you wish to integrate all the spiritual paths you have studied and all the tools you carry in your Medicine Basket of Love.  In the Institute of Awakened Heart Shamanism, we offer intimate class settings, both online and in person, combined with individualized mentoring to support you in stepping joyfully and confidently into your unique spiritual authenticity and purpose. 

Walking the path of Awakened Heart Shamanism unlocks your deepest purpose to manifest your healing and creative gifts in service of others and the world. You start by building your mesa--a medicine bundle of sacred stones which holds the transformation, gifts and wisdom of your journey. Your mesa connects you to ancient lineages of earthkeepers, peacemakers, wisdomkeepers, and spiritkeepers from many cultures. 

Ever since the dawn of time, humans have had an intimate and inspired relationship with Mother Earth and her ecosystems.  Awakened Heart Shamanism connects into all the bounty of Nature, the animals, plants and the elements to help you connect deeply to your authentic self and the world through sacred drumming, dances, songs and ceremonies of fire, waters, and flowers. 

Join Us

Why should you join us? If you want to be immersed in caring community of earth-inspired spiritual practitioners who share the same worldview and goals for healing and personal transformation for yourself, others and the planet.  If you are seeking to open and expand even more the Awakened Heart of compassion and beauty in your life and for others.  If you want to learn more about shamanism.

Does this get you excited about joining us?